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Professional property Maintenance in Newport Pagnell

When it comes to property maintenance, the choice of your service provider could mean the difference between a thriving property or a depreciating one. Among the myriad of options available, Mason Property Services stands as a distinguished choice, thanks to our professional approach, comprehensive property maintenance services, and sensible pricing.

Professional Approach

At Mason Property Services, we understand that our clients entrust us with a significant responsibility. To this end, we ensure all our services are rendered with a high level of professionalism. From our very first interaction with clients, we strive to build a professional relationship that promotes trust and confidence. We are committed to delivering top-notch services, adhering to best practices and industry standards. Whether it's a routine maintenance task or a complex repair, we handle each project with the same level of professionalism and dedication.

Comprehensive Property Maintenance

We believe in providing a comprehensive solution to all your property needs. Our services span across a wide range, covering every aspect of property maintenance—from plumbing and electrical repair, landscaping, painting, to HVAC services, among others. We are your one-stop solution for all things concerning property maintenance. This not only saves you the time and hassle of dealing with multiple service providers, but it also ensures the consistency and quality of work throughout your property.

Sensible Pricing

Quality services need not come with an exorbitant price tag. At Mason Property Services, we pride ourselves on offering sensible pricing for our services. We understand the importance of affordable maintenance, especially for property owners managing several properties. Our pricing model is not only competitive but also transparent. We provide detailed quotes that help clients understand the value they are getting for their money.

In conclusion, when choosing Professional property Maintenance in Newport Pagnell, choose Mason Property Services for our professional approach, comprehensive service offerings, and sensible pricing system all converge to provide an unparalleled property maintenance experience. By choosing us, you choose peace of mind, knowing your property is in capable and reliable hands.

Great value Builders in Milton Keynes

Using a quality building company has many advantages when undertaking a house extension project, making it a valuable asset to any homeowner. From providing expert advice and assistance in the planning stages to ensuring that the job is completed safely and to the highest of standards, these experienced professionals can make all the difference. One key benefit of using a quality building company is their ability to provide detailed plans for a new house extension project in Milton Keynes. This includes taking accurate measurements of the existing structure, assessing the requirements for structural reinforcement, and creating detailed diagrams that show exactly where walls, windows, doors, electrics, plumbing and other fixtures will be located. This level of care allows homeowners to ensure that their house extensions are up to code and safe for use. In addition to providing an accurate plan for construction projects, quality building companies also offer reliable advice on materials and finishes for the project. They can help homeowners choose between different types of lumber, bricks or siding materials as well as different colours or textures for flooring or wall paint. These experienced professionals can also make recommendations on energy-efficient insulation products that can save money while keeping homes comfortable throughout the year.

Finally, when it comes time to start work on a house extension project, having an experienced building company on hand is invaluable. They have all the necessary tools and safety equipment needed to complete a high-quality job in a timely manner. In some cases they may even be able to source cheaper options than those found at home improvement stores or online retailers due to their industry connections. Plus their staff are skilled in areas such as carpentry and electrical work which helps save valuable time when working on complex projects such as outdoor decks or wiring systems. If you are looking for the best value builders in Milton Keynes from precise planning through to final completion with reliable advice and careful attention paid throughout every step of the process, call Mason Property services for a free visit and quotation.

Double glazing repairs during the winter months

Residents of Newport Pagnell who are in need of double glazing repairs during the winter months don’t need to worry, as there are a wide range of professional services available in the area. With more than two decades of experience, Masons Property services providers of double glazing repairs can help ensure that patio doors and windows stay safe and secure all year round.

Regardless of whether you need emergency repairs or regular maintenance for your double-glazed windows, Masons Property services has an experienced team that is just a phone call away. This gives homeowners peace of mind that their home is properly insulated from the cold outdoor temperatures. The dedicated team will assess the situation and provide a cost-effective solution to ensure that windows stay secure and draft-free.

The winter months can be especially hard on double glazing, with temperatures dropping below freezing during prolonged spells of cold weather. This makes it important to inspect windows regularly throughout Winter to make sure they are not damaged by snow or ice accumulation. In some cases, DIY repair kits may be available on the market but these should only be used when absolutely necessary as they rarely provide adequate insulation in comparison to professionally installed solutions.

Masons Property services also offers double glazing repairs specifically tailored for businesses or large buildings such as office complexes and industrial parks. They have experience providing fast response times for commercial clients who may require immediate assistance due to security concerns or energy efficiency issues related to old glass panes or broken frames.

Aside from repairing existing double glazing units, Masons Property services also offers replacement services for any part of a window system including frames, handles, locks, hinges, gaskets, seals and glass panes which may have become worn over time from weathering or general wear and tear. All replacement parts are made from strong materials designed for superior durability in harsh weather conditions so customers know their property is always secured against debris and wind damage no matter how brutal the winter gets in Newport Pagnell.

When looking for reliable double glazing repairs this winter season trust Masons Property services experienced experts who will respond quickly and efficiently to any problems you might encounter with your patio doors or windows. Their trained technicians have years of experience dealing with all types of window systems so they can offer quality workmanship even when faced with difficult circumstances. Whether you own a home or business building trust Newport Pagnell to keep your property warm and secure all winter long, call today for all your Double Glazing repairs in Milton Keynes.

Planning a House Extension

So, you're thinking about planning a house extension. That's a big project! But don't worry, we're here to help. In this blog post, we'll give you all the tips and tricks you need to know to get started.

First things first, you need to determine what kind of extension you want. Do you want to add an extra room? Extend the kitchen? Convert the attic? Once you know what you want, you need to start thinking about budget. How much can you afford to spend on this project? You should also consider how long you want the project to take. Are you willing to live in a construction zone for a few months?

Once you've answered these questions, you can start planning your project. Here are a few things you'll need to do:

1) Get drawings done- You'll need detailed plans of your proposed extension before you can apply for planning permission or get quotes from builders. An architect or building designer can help with this.

2) Apply for planning permission- This is a legal requirement if you're planning any structural changes to your home. The application process can be long and complicated, so make sure you allow plenty of time for it.

3) Get quotes from builders- Once you have your plans, you can start getting quotes from builders. It's important to get at least 3 quotes so that you can compare prices and services.

4) Choose a builder- Once you've received your quotes, it's time to choose a builder. Be sure to ask them plenty of questions and read reviews before making your decision.

5) Start building!- Now it's time for the fun part: starting construction on your new extension! Remember to be patient, as even the best-planned projects can run into delays.

6) Enjoy your new space!- Congratulations, your extension is complete! We hope you enjoy your new space for many years to come.

7) Need help?- If at any point during this process you feel overwhelmed or like you're in over your head, don't hesitate to reach out to us for help. We're here every step of the way! Conclusion: Building an extension is a big undertaking, but with careful planning and execution, it can be a smooth and enjoyable process. Just be sure to do your research, take your time, and budget accordingly. And if at any point you need help, our team of experts is always here for you. Good luck. Call us anytime for a free visit and quotation on your new House extension in Milton Keynes.

Lovely Garden Lighting!

During these warm months, we are likely to stay outside more. You may find yourself wanting to give your garden a visual boost, so having lighting outside is a great place to start! Having lighting in your garden is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

For instance, if you have any features in your garden that you want to stand out, lighting will highlight them and catch the eyes of anyone who visits. It is also beneficial if you have a porch already, as it can brighten it and improve the ambience. If you have a warm, soft lighting, it will be portraying a cosy atmosphere, which is a plus when you are chatting to friends! Practical wise, it will improve the safety of your house, as friends can walk in to the garden without tripping in the dark. Having lights that turn on automatically can also boost the security of your garden, as any trespassers will be picked up straight away. They are likely to be deterred as they won't want a spotlight on them, call us for Garden lighting and all Property maintenance in Newport Pagnell.

The Positives Of A Porch!

Having a porch can improve your home aesthetically, giving it the visual uplift, it may need. This is particularly beneficial if you’re looking to sell it eventually, due to the boost in value. Giving the style an update is a plus, but practically it will be a great option for several reasons. For instance, having a porch will bring more natural light in, due to the glass panels. This reduces the likelihood of lights being turned on and can therefore save you money, as well as keeping it warm and cosy! Having a porch will also give you a form of extra security, due to the second entrance. This can deter a lot of intruders and keep your home safe.

A porch doesn’t have to be kept empty, as you can use it for storage too. Coats can be hung up neatly in your porch with shoes tidied away, rather than left as tripping hazards in your hall! You may even find that if you get caught in a downpour, having a porch with an overhanging roof is a great option. If you are looking for your keys, you will feel better with the knowledge that you won’t be drenched whilst doing so. Call us for all Property Maintenance in Newport Pagnell.

The Benefits Of Bespoke Bathrooms

Did you know that having a bespoke bathroom can be very beneficial, due to it being made to your tastes and style? Using a bespoke design means it can be both practical and visually appealing. Sometimes something as simple as a poorly fitted suite, can take away space and make the room feel cluttered and outdated. By customising the details of your own choice, you can have a better layout with a look that you can decide on. The space can be utilised properly without the worry of an awkward shaped room, as a bespoke design can create an individual layout to solve this issue.

Due to being able to choose what you want; you can make the bathroom aesthetically pleasing. Ranging from the shower to the bathroom cabinets, you can go for a modern style bathroom, or a more traditional one, depending on what unique look you want to go for. Why not call us today for a free quotation, we are happy to undertake a free visit and quotation for all Property Maintenance in Newport Pagnell.

The Benefits Of Joinery

One of the most plentiful, eco-friendly and reliable materials around is wood. This naturally aesthetic material is great for insulation, with thermal qualities and sound proofing abilities.

A joiner can help bring something to your home in several ways. For instance, they can help to bring solutions to storage issues and help to create amazing staircases, that could add the visually sophisticated element you are searching for. Dark areas in your home can be made brighter along with doors made of wood, which can help boost insulation, therefore lowering your energy output. This can save you money!

If you have any ideas you want to consider, then a joiner can help to make them a reality in your home and portray your own unique style. They can even customise pieces just for your home, so any awkward areas that needs something artistic will benefit from a perfectly fitting piece, that can give your home the aesthetic quality it needs. Due to the boost in ambience and refreshing new feel, you will have comfort knowing that it is your space in which you can relax. For help with Joinery and all types of Property Maintenance in Newport Pagnell, call us today.

The Benefits Of Double Glazing

By getting double glazing, you will find the insulation in your property improves immensely, as it lowers the chance of heat escaping. It can keep the natural heat from the sun stored for the colder months. You will find it financially effective, saving money on bills from less energy being consumed.

On the other side, in the warmer months double glazing can keep the temperature down, due to the windows reducing the need for air conditioning. Due to the seal being more secure, condensation is less likely to grow. This is quite common with windows with single glazing. Unfortunately, mould is quite common when condensation appears if it is not treated.

Due to the double glazed windows being tougher to break, you will find that security improves. The safety of your home will increase, as well as the improvement of your sound proofing, particularly if you have a number of windows with double glazing. You will find noise does not sneak through as easily from the noisy streets outside, something that makes all the difference for you and your family. For a free quotation on updating your Double Glazing in Milton Keynes, call us today.

The Advantages of Having Decking

Decking is a great way to increase the aesthetic quality of your property and garden. There are various ways to have your decking, depending on how you want it to look and how your garden is set out. Decking can increase the value of your home, as potential buyers will see the lovely new space and be interested in this additional feature. It can help to improve the overall ambience of the exterior, particularly if you have an area with seating where you can have friends over for barbecues and entertainment. This is particularly beneficial in the warm months.

Having decking means families can spend more time outside, relaxing and chatting. They are also great for having flowers and decorations that you may not have space for indoors. You won’t have the stress of having garden furniture blocking up the garage, as they can now live on the decking!

If you compare decking to some renovations, it isn’t as pricey. If you want to add some more charm to your property without paying out too much, decking is a good choice. Just make sure to choose a material that is strong and excellent quality, to ensure it has a long lifespan. Financially, decking price depends on how big it is and the material used, as well as any additional details. But it is the cheaper option to building an extension, so if you want to discuss your choice with a professional, they can give you advice on what to do. For all your house projects, call Masons quality Builders in Milton Keynes.

Do You Need New Windows?

Having new windows can have several benefits. They can boost house value, lower energy consumption, allow better air circulation and bring in natural light. However, when is the right time to replace them?

Windows need replacing eventually. If they have double glazing they should last up to 20 years. This depends on how well looked after they are, the weather and the sort of frame that surrounds them. If they can’t be repaired then they need to be changed as soon as possible.

If any of your windows have decay or distortion, or there is a problem with the double glazing, then replacing them is the only option. Wooden frames particularly can be difficult to keep healthy. Unfortunately, once any decay has appeared, it is difficult to reverse the issue. If the window is left, eventually you may struggle to even open and close it. Distortion happens when heat causes the material to warp. Issues with double glazing could mean cracking and irregular home temperature.

Bad insulation is an issue that can create expensive energy bills. If heat is escaping, you will have to use your heating more often, wasting energy and money. If you struggle to open the window, this can be a healthy and safety hazard due to a potential emergency exit being unavailable.

Other issues with your windows could be lack of sound proofing, drafts, leaks and condensation. One main issue could be that you simply don’t have double glazing. This could be why your house is overly cold or hot depending on the time of year. This is common with old buildings and can be resolved by replacing the windows, improving comfort levels and being energy and financially efficient. Call today for a free quote to fit New Double Glazing in Newport Pagnell.

Benefits Of Pressure Washing Your Driveway

Even though modern driveways and patios are low maintenance, they still need to be taken care of from time to time. They can still get dirty and ruin the aesthetics of your home, so a regular wash down can keep it looking neat and clean, preferably using a pressure washer.

The right jet washer will do the job in the quickest time, removing some of the more awkward stains. As no chemicals are used, pressure washing is better for the environment.

Unfortunately, weeds can still appear in any cracks on the driveway. Roots can be a problem, causing harm and pushing up from underneath. An expert can help to tackle these problems with a professional clean, particularly if a weed killer (environmentally friendly one) is used to reduce any regrowth.

Pressure washing will tackle any algae that may appear, which can potentially cause erosion on the driveway. It also stops the risk of anyone slipping on it as algae is slimy. Overall, professional pressure washing is definitely a good idea when it comes to taking care of your driveway, both health wise and style wise. If you need property maintenance in Newport Pagnell for Driveway pressure washing, call us today.

The advantages of having a conservatory built on your property:

  • Brings your home and garden together
  • Adds value to your home
  • Gives you extra space
  • Planning permission is relatively straight-forward
  • Less costly than an extension if you are on a tight budget
  • Wide range of styles
  • Creates lots of natural light and uninterrupted views; an interior ambience

For more information on having a conservatory built on to your house, contact Mason property services, the Builders in Milton Keynes.

Do I need planning permission?

If you are undertaking a Garage Conversion and Extension it may be possible to carry out the work under Permitted Development rights. This is a Government initiative to make it easier to extend or alter your home without the need for planning permission.

The rules can be confusing so it is wise to consult you builder in Newport Pagnell and discuss your project so they can advise you of what steps you need to take to carry out the work.

Garden and Property Maintenance

Did you know that Mason Property services also offer a Garden Maintenance service?

Not only will they provide extensive property maintenance services in the Milton Keynes area, they also offer full gardening services for busy people who wish to enjoy a beautiful garden.

Masons can repair and replace fences, install your dream decking, patio or driveway and are available 7 days a week for domestic or commercial purposes.

With the latest rotary pressure washer technology, Masons can clean existing areas such as driveways and patios without damaging the surface.

With extensive knowledge of all areas of property maintenance, take a weight of your shoulders and use Mason Property Services today.

Time for a change?

If you're considering a new kitchen, rearranging the layout of your living area can transform the way you use the available space in your home. More and more people are opting for an open plan style of living area. The kitchen has always been the heart of most homes, even if they are tiny people will congregate where the food is being prepared!

It's easy to get carried away with the cost of a new kitchen, experts will advise to always take into account the value of your home in proportion to the cost of the kitchen. Take advice from your local kitchen specialist who can offer you a full personal design service and help you with creative space saving ideas which will add value to your home. For a value and quality Builder in Milton Keynes, call Mason property services on 01908 211 476.

New Housebuilding

When Milton Keynes was 'born' 50 years ago it was in answer to the acute housing shortage in London. With a target population of 250,000 it has become one of the most innovative and discussed cities in the UK.

There are plans to build 28,000 new homes by 2026 to keep abreast of demand but much of the existing housing stock is now in need of modernising and upgrading. A new bathroom and kitchen are usually top of the priority list, or a home extension to accommodate a growing family. There are many high quality Builders in Milton Keynes who have the expertise to advise and assist residents and landlords keep their homes in good condidtion.

New Glass technology in Building

A scientific researcher team led by head scientist Dr Hasan Baig based at Exeter University have developed a solar powered glass block that can be used in building any structure, in building design to generate their own electricity. They use the latest new technology, integrated photovoltaics, to produce bricks, for production that can be used either in new builds or as part of any renovation. The blocks are to be named Solar Squared and are similar to standard glass blocks, but more cost effective, due to the energy benefits, they also provide insulation and will be available in a wide range of colours and patterns. For more information on house extensions and renovations in Milton Keynes call Mason property services.

If you,re considering investing in your home and want to know which option will provide the best return for your money, the insurance company Towergate have studied the market and come up with a list of 10 home improvements that will add value to your home.

They suggest that the project that will give the best return on your investment is a garage conversion, adding a potential 20% increase in value to your home. It's important that any conversion is carried out professionally and to a high standard, so if you are looking for a Builder in Milton Keynes, call Mason Property Services Ltd who specialise in providing a complete service for House and garage conversions.

New White paper on Housing sector

At a meeting of the Town and Country Planning Association’s New Communities Group held in October, Sajid Javid the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government stated that housing was his "number one priority".

He is releasing a White Paper in November which will outline plans to "make sure that we release land in the right places and include measures to diversify the market, we don’t have enough SME builders, and we must increase the different types of homes, including custom build".

He said that to combat the housing crisis, it would only "work if every government department works together, we need consensus in parliament as well, I want to work with the opposition on this."

"It's a big challenge and it’s about time we did something much more radical in this space, I need the help of the New Communities Group, TCPA and other organisations to give your ideas and thoughts."

Roberta Blackman-Woods MP, Shadow Minister for local government and housing was also present and said: "Housing numbers are important but it’s the type and quality of development that matters. Good quality development can help to get buy in from local people… the garden city principles provide a framework for this."

Hugh Ellis, TCPA interim chief executive commented "I am delighted government recognises the important role of the TCPA New Communities Group".

Going forward it is critical that government reinforces the need for quality and inclusion, as well as housing numbers. The forthcoming Housing White Paper provides a once in a generation opportunity to create the kind of places the nation so desperately needs." To keep on top of your property maintenance in Milton Keynes, call Masons property services.

Dulux phone APP

If you are one of the 30% of people who find it difficult to imagine your home painted in a different colour the updated smartphone app – Dulux Visualiser – could be the answer to your prayers.

The original app was launched in 2014 and was downloaded more than 10,000,000 times. It has now been upgraded with new features and is available now for the iphone and will be obtainable soon for android phones.

Using the app is easy, you simply open it, use your phone as you would a camera and point it at the walls you want to change. You can then choose a colour from the vast Dulux range and tap the screen to change the colour of your wall. As if by magic the wall changes colour before your eyes and you will have a pretty good idea of whether the colour you have chosen will work. Once you are happy with your choices you can save it and then share your design with your friends and family on social media.

A major advantage of this app is being able to show your professional Decorator what you have in mind for your new colour scheme. Getting their opinion on what you have decided on will help you to create the changes you were looking for. They will be able to use their expertise to help you enhance your design and explore options like paint finishes and varying shades. For all your Property Maintenance in Milton Keynes call Masons today.

The Benefits Of Bespoke Bathrooms

Did you know that having a bespoke bathroom can be very beneficial, due to it being made to your tastes and style? Using a bespoke design means it can be both practical and visually appealing. Sometimes something as simple as a poorly fitted suite, can take away space and make the room feel cluttered and outdated. By customising the details of your own choice, you can have a better layout with a look that you can decide on. The space can be utilised properly without the worry of an awkward shaped room, as a bespoke design can create an individual layout to solve this issue.

Due to being able to choose what you want; you can make the bathroom aesthetically pleasing. Ranging from the shower to the bathroom cabinets, you can go for a modern style bathroom, or a more traditional one, depending on what unique look you want to go for. Why not call us today for a free quotation, we are happy to undertake a free visit and quotation for all Property Maintenance in Newport Pagnell.